Leonardi Travel Diary

Wrapping up the trip!

Australia, South Australia, Adelaide | 03 January 2016

The last couple days were pretty laid back.

On our last full day in the Barossa we took a wine tasting bus around to a few different wineries. My personal favorite for the day was Rockford (personal notes so I remember the wines I liked: P.S. Marion Tawny and the 2012 Rod and Spur were great, but the 2015 White Frontignac was especially nice on a HOT day -- but very sweet. Good for one glass).

Before heading back to Adelaide we decided to go for a drive around Barossa to take some photos. This included Chateau Tanunda, and also a helicopter flight! We had been seeing signs all over the place that said "Helicopter flights $35!" -- so how could we say no?

It turns out that the $35 flight was only 4 minutes long...TOTALLY WORTH IT. The drive out there was beautiful, and the 80s style safety video was hilarious. Plus, helicopters are cool.

Other than that -- nothing really exciting happened. check out the video/pictures!

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