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Hunter Valley: Wine tour

Australia, NSW, Hunter Valley | 17 November 2013

So we decided to take a day trip up to Hunter Valley to do some wine tasting. For $99 a bus picks you up, brings you up there, feeds you lunch, and gets you wine/cheese. Not a bad deal, and to be honest, this post won't do the trip justice. Not enough photos at all, and really not too many stories. But it was a great day!

We visited three wineries, and got a tour at the "world famous" McGuigan's. We even got to meet the original owner! He was a super jolly guy, and seemed to really love life -- though, why wouldn't you if you're super rich and get to drink wine professionally.

The group we went up with was meh, though. We had some obnoxious german/swiss people who would scream in german across people (despite knowing english -- not sure why they just didn't sit together) -- they also didn't hold back in making fun of the poor tour guide (who, in their defense, was extremely easy to make fun of). Also we had a couple of girls who were talking (read: yelling) on their cell phones while the winery guy was explaining what we were drinking. And the tour guide...he was, interesting...

Despite the characters on the trip, the scenery was fantastic (so nice to get out of the city), and the wine was realllly good. We came home with 6 bottles, and are slowly moving our way through them.

We'll probably go back and do a more comprehensive weekend of winery visits soon, but this time without the obnoxious people =)

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