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Guilin, China: I'm sure there's more to it than this...

Asia, China, Guilin | 02 August 2014

After Shanghai we headed to Guilin for a one night stay. Upon arriving, we went straight to the Seven Star Park for a walk and to see the caves. I have to say, the caves weren't that great. They way over did it with the colored lights, and it took away from the genuinely awesome formations. After the caves, we headed to a brief dinner and returned to the hotel.

The hotel was set on a river which is lit up and very active with people in the evening. We took a stroll to take in the scenery a bit. There were people exercising, singing, dancing, and families just enjoying the night. It was a relaxing way to end the evening despite the heat and humidity.

All in all a short and mostly uneventful trip within Guilin. Tomorrow we head off to Yangshuo and that is a bit more spectacular (I can predict the future, because -- well -- I'm a couple days behind on the blogging).

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