Leonardi Travel Diary

Byron Bay Day 3: Fun in the Sun

Australia, NSW, Byron Bay | 22 February 2014

Today we did three things: Ate Breakfast, lounged at the beach, and walked to a lighthouse.

The breakfast was pretty ridiculous. I had a breakfast burger that was stacked high with bacon, avocado, fried eggs, rocket, and stuff I can't even remember. Lucia had a regular breakfast sandwich that was equally as impressive.

After that, we pretty much had no choice but to walk it off/lay about. So we walked to the lighthouse and on the way became the MOST EASTERLY PEOPLE IN AUSTRALIA. Yes. You read that right. We were as far east as you can go on mainland Australia. You can tick that one right off the bucket list! I know this sounds like sarcasm, but I was genuinely excited. I get excited over simple things.

The beach was equally as fantastic as it was a couple days earlier, but with the added benefit of just a gorgeous day. Unfortunately, we got a bit sun-kissed, and have learned a lesson about the Australian sun, "No amount of sunscreen will ever be enough sunscreen. Use all of the sunscreen." Words to live by.

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