Leonardi Travel Diary

Byron Bay Day 2: Mt. Warning!

Australia, NSW, Byron Bay | 22 February 2014

Today we woke up early, had a couple granola bars for breakfast, and hopped in an SUV that took us to Mt. Warning. Once we got there it was nothing but hiking  up a mountain! Nothing too unexpected happened on the way up. The last 400 yards or so was a 45 degree rock scramble, so that was pretty fun. We made it to the top in just under 2 hours, which is a decent pace for people who never hike!

At the top you can typically see the beach and Byron Bay, but visibility was too low. This was probably a good thing because it meant the temperatures stayed reasonable (unfortunately it also meant the humidity was super high). While we were up there, we sat around a bit and rested, drank some water, took some pictures, and then decided to head back down (again taking a bit less than 2 hours).

Heading down ended up being much harder than hiking up. The rock scramble became REALLY difficult, and then the rest of the hike was just really hard on our knees. The only real road block we hit on the way down though was a couple run-ins with turkeys. Lucia has a bit of a phobia of birds, and this little turkey nearly chased her all the way back up the mountain! We eventually safely passed the predator and left it far behind us.

Once we were down, we rewarded ourselves with some hamburgers before heading back to the hotel. There we took showers, relaxed a bit, and then took a cab into town for some dinner. We had some KILLER Chinese food, and followed it up with a romantic evening walk on the beach.

All in all, a fantastic and exhausting day!

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