Leonardi Travel Diary

Barcelona Day 3 (and 4): Details are fuzzy...

Europe, Spain, Barcelona | 10 November 2013

So it's been a while since this actually happened. Giving you a play by play account is going to be tough. The general events were as follows:

Day 3:
1. we woke up
2. we started walking towards the beach
3. we took a detour through some tiny alleys
4. we got lost
5. we found the beach!
6. we met up with Lorena and Maurizio
7. we took the cable car up to Montjuic
8. we checked out the fort
9. we slid down a slide!
10. we headed to dinner at a mall that used to be a bull fighting ring!
11. we watched the fountains -- it was awesome
12. went to sleep -- exhausted.

Day 4:
Unfortunately no pictures from my last day in Barcelona, but we went out of city to a beach that was pretty nice. It was a little too cold to swim. Fortunately there was a 36-ish foot sailboat that had been beached. That kept us entertained as the coast guard spent the next hour or two getting it off the beach. Good times had by all.

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