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Australia: The first Weekend in Sydney!

Australia, NSW, Sydney | 11 November 2013

We had a pretty busy first weekend here in Sydney. I knew that I had to jump right into work on monday (we landed friday) so, we did a little bit of tourism straight away. Unfortunately our first day was a bit more focused on administrative tasks: Picking up my phone, getting bank accounts (we actually both fell asleep sitting up while we were going through account options -- it was embarrassing), etc. But saturday and sunday we spent doing the Sydney Explorer (hop on hop off), and general walking around to get our bearings.

It's actually strange looking back at these pictures, because everything we took pictures of (minus bondi beach) are things I walk by every day to/from work. I walk through Hyde Park, I walk past the westfield tower and the Queen Vitoria Building. It's all such a part of my daily routine -- but that weekend it was so new and cool!

Some interesting highlights of our first impressions: "they call burger king, hungry jacks??", "Blockbuster still exists here???", and, of course, "there's a monorail??!?!" They actually shut down the monorail about a day before we arrived, and took down all the monorail tracks a week or three later. Kinda bummed we missed that.

Anyway, check out some pictures.

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