Travel Day: Paris – Basel

Our travel days have been pretty standard: Pack your things, maybe do laundry, get on a train, and do some scouting in the new city. This travel day was a bit special though!

Before our trip, a friend of mine had recommended us a dinner place in Basel and said to look out for his friends (he frequents Basel, and that’s actually why I know this place exists). So we went to dinner, got the food he recommended, and then the waiter comes over with the phone and asks “are you Lucia and Anthony?” We were a bit dumbfounded, but we said yes and he handed us the phone!

“Hi, is this Anthony?” a voice said.

“yes, who’s this?”

“It’s Marc! A friend of Lee’s. We’re having a get together on my roof deck down the street. Would you and Lucia like to join? A friend of Lee’s is a friend of ours!” There was tons of laughter, and German in the background.

We said sure, and he gave us directions. When we finished our dinner/drinks, we headed over.

His flat was really really nice, and the roofdeck had a splended view of one of the shopping streets in Basel. He gave us some wine, and desert, and everyone there was warm and friendly.

I couldn’t imagine a better way to start our stay in Basel. Thanks Marc, and everyone from Deja Vu!

One thought on “Travel Day: Paris – Basel

  1. Mom

    Thank you for your posts Ants. They are so informative and fun to read it’s almost like being there with you.
    I’m thrilled you are having a wonderful time. The organ concert you will remember always! And Oh my, friendships around the globe! :~)


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