Travel Day: Arosa – Zurich – Geneva

Today we sadly said goodbye to our beautiful mountain view and took the train to Geneva.

Not too much to report, but when we had a train change in Zurich, we decided to take a later train and walk around a bit (on advice from several folks). To be honest? Meh on Zurich from what we saw.

When we got to Geneva, we found out that there was a festival going on by the lake. So we headed over to that and noticed that fairs in Geneva are WAY fancier than fairs in the US. I’m talking people in suits, and bar tents with purple chandeliers playing house music. It was a very different vibe.

Anyway, here are some photos of our VERY brief visit to Zurich (we didn’t see much):

Our initial pictures from Geneva (click here for info on the Jet D’Eau):

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