Paris Day 3: Walking is for the birds

Paris day three is a lot of pictures, and not so many words.

On day three we decided to have a picnic. On the way we stopped by the other side of the Notre Dame and noticed it was just as beautiful as the front! Cool! Then we walked over to the park at Pont Neuf, sat and had a great lunch! We had a french baguette, some dutch cheese (that we got while we were in Volendam), and ate it with some prosciutto. We were planning on drinking some french wine we picked up, but drinking at lunch time with a bunch of kids around didn’t feel right. But it was fine, we’ll be drinking the wine on the rhine.

After lunch, we strolled over to Sainte Chappelle and experienced its amazing windows first hand. Thanks for the tip, Don!

Then we had a coffee break followed by a river tour, and finally we got to meet up with Luli (a friend of Lucia’s friend from Mt. Holyoke) for dinner, drinks, and dessert.

That’s it mostly! The pictures are really what you want to see.

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