Delaying the posts…

So we’re settled into our hotel in Paris. I have to say that so far it appears to be our best hotel — minus the internet. Bruges’ internet was awesome — here, not so much. Because of that I think I’m going to delay the posts for a few days, or until I can find a speedier connection. It’s just too much of a pain uploading tons of photos with the slow/bad connections.

Know this, though — Paris is legit. And you can expect some photos soon =) We’re loving it so far. The only thing we’ve really had a chance to do is check out the Eiffel tower. I wasn’t expecting to be impressed — but I have to say, that thing is AWESOME. can’t wait to check it out a bit closer tomorrow or later in the week.

Finally, I need to give a shout out to my main man, Cameron Hartman who turns 10 today! Happy Birthday, Cam! Hope you’re getting some awesome stuff and some delicious dinner!

Happy 10th Birthday Cameron!

Happy 10th Birthday Cameron!

One thought on “Delaying the posts…

  1. Mom

    You both look terrific! So does La tour Eiffel. What little I remember from french class. Thank you for posting. I truly look forward to your posts. Enjoy Paris and all the rest that is in store for you.
    Love, Mom


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