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Wrapping up the trip!

The last couple days were pretty laid back.

On our last full day in the Barossa we took a wine tasting bus around to a few different wineries. My personal favorite for the day was Rockford (personal notes so I remember the wines I liked: P.S. Marion Tawny and the 2012 Rod and Spur were great, but the 2015 White Frontignac was especially nice on a HOT day — but very sweet. Good for one glass).

Before heading back to Adelaide we decided to go for a drive around Barossa to take some photos. This included Chateau Tanunda, and also a helicopter flight! We had been seeing signs all over the place that said “Helicopter flights $35!” — so how could we say no?

It turns out that the $35 flight was only 4 minutes long…TOTALLY WORTH IT. The drive out there was beautiful, and the 80s style safety video was hilarious. Plus, helicopters are cool.

Other than that — nothing really exciting happened. check out the video/pictures!

Small Cities Are Easy

Last night we rolled into Adelaide pretty late (around 11pm) so we didn’t have a chance to do much other than drive to the hotel and crash. That didn’t keep us from waking up early and making the most of our first full day in the city, though!

First thing’s first when you head out — track down breakfast. Unfortunately today’s boxing day, so the only things open that early were cafes in the mall food courts, or food trucks in the outdoor mall. We went food truck.

After breakfast, we started to explore. First up was the State Library — not much to it to be honest. Next we hit the South Australian Museum, which was actually really nice. They had a pretty large pacific island indigenous exhibit, as well as quite a large wing dedicated to Australian Aborigines. After the museum we grabbed a light lunch, walked around the Oval, and back to where everything seemed to be happening (the main tourist area of Adelaide is probably no more than 4 blocks long).

Next up was the Art Gallery (right next to the museum — which is right next to the state library). Some really cool pieces (one by Marc Newson!), some weird pieces, and a TON of very cool Aboriginal art. I actually have never liked that style myself, but these paintings were really special.

For dinner we took a tram to Glenelg – a beach town not far from the city. We chilled, had some beer, and ate our weight in potatoes and fried chicken  — with melted cheese, and two types of pork (bacon, and regular).

I think that’s it! Enjoy the photos

** soooo this is our first post in a really long time. I think there are several trips, and a couple countries missing. I’m hoping to get to those eventually. I’m trying to be better during this trip and update LIVE **