Basel Days 1 and 2: Wickelfisch

Basel’s been kind of a break for us! No museums, just walking and enjoying.

We managed to “enjoy” two local dishes. The first was worstsalat. A sausage salad which contains: Sausage (a kind half way between bologna and hotdog), onions, tomatoes, corn, sprouts (or something like them), lettuce, olives, cheese, pretzels (yes, pretzels), and a mayonnaise-ish dressing. It wasn’t terrible… The second was rosti! This was great! It’s like a dinner plate sized hash brown. We had ours with bacon and cheese inside. It was really delicious.

Aside from that, we managed to float down the Rhine for about half an hour. It ended up being more exhausting than I thought it would be. The current is extremely swift, so any changes in position in the river came with some serious effort. For this activity we picked up a wickelfisch, which is a fish shaped dry bag that you leave some air in. It becomes a pretty good floaty, and keeps your cloths and shoes dry as you float down the river. This fun way to cool off is a must if you’re ever in Basel in the summer =)

I won’t bother describing the walks, and views. Basel has 5 pre-setup walks that you can go on (there are small “trail” signs that guide you through them). We did 2 of the 5, and they were pretty neat. You can see some of the highlights in the photos when I get a chance to post them.

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