Arosa Day 2: “Thunder Storms”

Today they predicted thunder storms, so we tried to stay as close to town as possible (not wanting to get caught on a mountain in a storm). What this turned into was a pretty laid back day of walking around, and doing little stupid things.

We started with breakfast, then a nap lol. Then we did some paddle boating (an Alphorn group was practicing at the time, and the sound was echoing off the mountains…pretty cool), and when we got to the mini-golf course, we saw mini billiards golf (at least that’s what we’re calling it). So we played that instead.

We originally wanted to tackle a ropes course they were bragging about — but it turned out to be really puny and disappointing. We also tried to find a rifle range they had on the tourism map — figured it would be fun to shoot a .22 where the Biathlon originated. But we couldn’t find that either.

All in all a pretty, no, extremely relaxed day. And wouldn’t you know — the “Thunder Storms” didn’t really start till 7pm, no rain till 6pm. And we didn’t even see a single flash of lightening. I will say, though, thunder echoing from mountain to mountain is one of the coziest sounds around.

Not too many photos for you today, and most of them are just more of me trying desparately to capture just how AWESOME these mountains really are. I ultimately figured out that’s impossible, but I try none-the-less.

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