Amsterdam Day 4: Windmills, etc.

Due to internet difficulties this post has been delayed by a couple days. But have no fear there are a TON of photos to make up for it.

On day 4 Lucia and I did an “excursion” with a tour company. It was 10.5 hours of efficient tourism! We saw windmills, the delft pottery factory, a clog factory, a cheese factory, the Hague, and Madurodam (a giant park of miniaturized holland which has a strikingly similar name to the current Venezuelan president).

I ended up having a pretty unhealthy (but delicious) food day. For breakfast I had a fresh waffle with raspberries and creme — DELICIOUS. For lunch/dinner I had a plate of fish deep fried in a thick and spicy batter — also delicious.

Other than that, I think most things are captured pretty accurately in the pictures. Stay tuned for a roundup of Day 5!

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