Amsterdam Day 3: Rainy and Sick

This will be a disappointing post for many. Lucia woke up with feeling pretty sick, so we had a lighter day than we had hoped — also no pictures because of the rain!

First off we woke up early, had breakfast at our favorite cafe (vinnie’s deli), and then took the tram to the museum district. We were fortunate enough to be around 5th in line to get into the Rijks Museum (when we left 15 min later the line as hundreds long), but because Lucia was sick, we did little more than buy the tickets — which we’ll use on Friday morning.

After sitting for a bit and reading about the Rijks, Lucia was feeling better but not 7 hours of museum better. We decided to delay our Rijks visit and instead visit the much smaller Van Gogh Museum. There we got to see so many amazing paintings. Since you see so many up close, you can really get a sense for how his style changed over time. Also the way they set up the tour, you really see how different artists and styles directly affect his own style. It’s pretty amazing.

After the Van Gogh museum we took the tram to the marriott where I weasled our way onto a business center computer so we could print out some trip confirmations and book our train rides to Brugge.

Then came nap time.

Then the fun stuff happened! Lucia’s high school friend, Vincent, actually lives in Amsterdam. When we messaged him, he let us know that another one of their friends from school was visiting at the same time! Tonight we all went out to dinner and drinks, and had a great time — except when we saw a mouse in a pizza joint…not so appetising.

Today was a slow tourism day, but was still a great time.

Have a good night! Expect some pictures tomorrow.

One thought on “Amsterdam Day 3: Rainy and Sick

  1. Mom

    So sorry to hear Lucia not feeling well. Hope she is better now.

    It’s amazing to hear you met up she met up with friends from high school. What fun!

    I Can’t wait to speak with you about the Van Gogh Museum. He was one of my favs. 🙂

    Love you both <3


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